The Sharing Circle, is Canada's longest running Aboriginal documentary television series. This unique program presents thirteen half-hour documentaries focused on current, relevant issues that are explored in traditional, spiritual ways. These fascinating and poignant stories offer an insightful and meaningful look at Aboriginal People, Indigenous Knowledge and Spiritual Practice.

The Sharing Circle is one of the few shows on television today that is primarily concerned about the Healing of the World through the dissemination of Truth. The traditional concepts of respect and sharing that form the foundation of the Aboriginal way of life are fashioned around the Seven Natural Laws or Sacred Teachings. These guiding principles form the basis for The Sharing Circle. They honour the basic virtues intrinsic to a full and healthy life. Each of the Seven Laws is embodied by an animal, underscoring the connection between humanity and the animal world while instilling a respect for all of life in those who follow the Traditional Aboriginal Way.

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Season 16 of The Sharing Circle embodies an ancient understanding of spiritual balance among all things in the Creator's world, and relates that understanding to contemporary life. Stories of love, courage, respect, honesty, wisdom, humility and truth teach the spiritual integrity that can be achieved through the Red Man's Way. Through the telling of these tales, our spirited and talented team of experienced television journalists strives to help people find peaceful solutions to conflicts within their own lives.

You simply won't find another series like this on television nor will you find an editorial team similar to the one that comprises The Sharing Circle. There are spiritual advisors on staff who assist our producers and writers in the design and execution of every story. Our journalists are well versed in Aboriginal Spirituality and Traditional Ways and we approach each story with the same respect and consideration that one would use in preparing for and carrying out ceremonial practice.

Hosted by series creator Lisa Meeches, The Sharing Circle is truly a celebration of life that embraces people from all races and cultures. Each episode delivers an intimate and heart-felt look at a fascinating topic while remaining true to the roots of Aboriginal Spirituality. The integrity of this documentary series rests in its impressive track record at being a weekly dose of soulful medicine for a world in need of healing.

Press Release - January 21, 2008

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