1. SAPE - Strengthening Aboriginal Participation in the Economy
SAPE - The Canadian Dream The 20th century was not a prosperous time for First Nations People. As Canada reaped the rewards of a land with abundant resources, Aboriginals were isolated from the economic booms of a burgeoning country. Strengthening Aboriginal Participation in the Economy is the brainchild of the Provincial Governments, Aboriginal Affairs Ministers and national Aboriginal organizations. The Sharing Circle will explore in detail the purpose and initiatives of the SAPE report. We will also examine the Aboriginal business acumen throughout history to establish that Aboriginals are naturally business inclined, possessing intuitive abilities to compete in the econimical evolution of the 21st century.

2. What's So Funny in Indian Country?
What's So Funny in Indian Country? What is it about Aboriginal Humour that makes it so unique? Popular comedian Don Burnstick says Aboriginal humour is all about having fun, but there's more to it than that, it is also an integral part of the healing journey. In this episode we'll explore the uniqueness of Aboriginal humour and how some comedians and spiritualists use it to heal a displace nation.

3. Good Spirit Medecine
Four Medicines Sage, Cedar, Sweetgrass and Tobacco have been sacred medicines in Aboriginal culture since the first conception of Mother Earth. Used for prayer, cleansing, healing and offerings - each has its own teachings and origin. In modern times, misconceptions of the medicines are everywhere. Western medicine has attempted to bottle the essence of these remedies, but fails to capture the spiritual healing power contained therein. Through the words of elders, the ancient teachings of the four medicines are now helping the generations of today. The Sharing Circle will explore the teachings of each medicine and the way they are used in everyday life and ceremony.

4. Moccasin Games
Moccasin Games Traditional games have been part of Aboriginal culture for hundreds, if not thousands of years. The Moccasin game was a display of dexterity, chance and a means of fair trade between neighbouring tribes. Sharing Circle will look at the different ways the game is played, the significance and importance of these games and how they're being kept alive for future generations.

5. Saskatchewan Native Theatre Company
Moccasin Games Founded in 1999 by Dave Pratt, Artistic Director Kennetch Charlette and actors Tantoo Cardinal and Gordon Tootoosis, SNTC has grown into a major contributor to the Saskatchewan arts scene. Finding truth within one's own self is a guiding principle at the 'Saskatchewan Native Theatre Company'. The company operates with the belief that art and culture are intertwined.Using theatre as a vehicle for artistic expression, the company provides a venue for original aboriginal stories and provides opportunities for youth to use their gifts to find truth within themselves.

SEASON: 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

6. Sugar Fix - Diabetes
Diabetes Week six of The Sharing Circle focuses on the new social phenomenon that has created this ethno-cultural epidemic. Native people have the higest rate of diabetes of any other demographic in Canada. A more detailed examination reveals Aboriginal children in the northern reserves to be the most common victims. Lack of resources, poverty, and even cultural identity all correlate to the disease.

7 & 8 Long Road, Full Circle
(Part 1 and Part 2)

Gangs 2-part expose of Aboriginal gang life in urban and rural environments. Revolving around former and reformed gang member Ervin Chartrand, we relive his physical and mental journey from Vice President of the Manitoba Warriors, to his involvement and consequent arrest during "Operation Northern Snow". Institutionalized, it was in Stony Mountain penitentiary where he made a life-changing choice to reclaim his heritage, his family and his soul. Chartrand, clean and on the outside, has recovered his ties to Aboriginal healing and spirituality. Pursuing a career in the film and television industry, he now acts as a mentor to Aboriginal youth on the dangers of life on the streets. Experts from the RCMP, Winnipeg Police Services and Corrections Canada share their views on efforts being made to extinguish gangs from the streets of Canadian cities.

9. The Next Generation
Youth Activists In episode nine of The Sharing Circle... The new voices for Aboriginal youth are manifesting themselves as cultural empowerment increases. This episode explores Aboriginal youth who are speaking up for their communities and are becoming the inspiration for many. One such issue takes place in Grassy Narrows, Ontario, where clear-cutting on the reserve is generating anger and protest by its residents, and in particular its youth.

10. Stryker
Stryker Two first time Aboriginal actors from Winnipeg's north end journey to Venice, Italy to accompany the Winnipeg feature film Stryker. For the first time in the history of the prestigous Venice Film Festival, Aboriginal actors will walk the red carpet of La Sale Grande. Fifteen-year-old Kyle Henry (Stryker) and single mom Deena Fontaine (Mama Ceece) travel across the ocean for the first time to present their work to the international film community.

11. First Music
First Music Music has always been an integral part of Aboriginal culture. In this episode, we will begin by exploring the rich heritage of Aboriginal music and how our ancestors interpreted and respected it. With clips from the Juno Awards, we will look at Aboriginal music today and how many artists such as Susan Aglukark, are fusing the old with the new. Finally, we glimpse into what the future might offer and explore how cultural blending through music is a way of celebrating diversity. We will highlight Nelly Furtado's Juno performance with premiere drum and singing group, Whitefish Juniors.


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