The original concept behind The Sharing Circle was to share the centuries old understanding of spiritual balance between all of the Creators' creations and relate this understanding to contemporary life. The idea was introduced by my Grandfather and spiritual leader, Don Daniels, and has been an integral part of the show since the beginning.

Don Daniels is from Long Plains First Nation in Southern Manitoba. He has been taught to find balance in all that exists. Together we took a spiritual journey, which led us to some basic conclusions. We needed to build a place on television, which would help all people find an appreciation of the balance both between all races and the natural elements of life.

Testimonials, stories of courage, love, respect, humility, wisdom, honesty and truth are shared with our viewers. Through these stories, we hope to help people find peaceful solutions to conflicts within their own lives.

The commitment to traditional spirituality has only grown stronger with the introduction of Dave Courchene Jr. and Lyna Hart to the show. The Sharing Circle has built a panel of elders who make sure that the show conforms to the edicts of the seven natural laws. Through the acknowledgement of the import of all races as represented by the four quadrants of the medicine wheel, The Sharing Circle continues to affect viewers from diverse backgrounds and teach the spiritual integrity that can be achieved through the Red Man's Way.

Lisa Meeches - Executive Producer

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